The hardest thing to do is START, especially if you don’t know where the starting line is or what to do when you find it. The starting line is more obvious then you think, it’s wherever you are. You don’t need to wait to get to a certain point before you start just go. Once you decide to go then that’s where the journey begins.

Fitness is a journey which is why here there are no short cuts or gimmicks to get in shape fast. It’s a matter of following a custom program and working hard. The goal is not just to build huge biceps, but to create behavior change that will last a lifetime. The more fitness knowledge you have the more successful you can be. There is no one plan that will work for everyone; everyone has his or her own needs. Depending on your goal, the fitness plan for you will dramatically differ from someone else.

That’s where training here differs. I want to know you and what you really want to accomplish. What is your motivation behind that goal?  How can we successfully attack that goal to help you accomplish it as quickly and safely as possible? As long as you have an attitude to work hard every day then you can be successful in whatever you want to accomplish.

You’re the only one who can take care of yourself and your body. Don’t wait till your body makes you make time for it. Begin now and the short-term pain and soreness will be dwarfed by the increased quality of life you will experience. Find what makes you uncomfortable and go for it. If an event or challenge scares you then it might just be the risk you need to take so that you can conquer it.  Take a shot and see what really is possible!  Coasting and dodging challenges won’t get you anywhere.